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I’ve been fishing since I was 5 years old, but it wasn’t until after I moved to North GA that I discovered fly fishing.


I joined the Georgia Women Fly Fishers with the intent of getting outside more and to resurrect my old passion for fishing. I learned very quickly that fly fishing takes a lot of patience and determination; I’ve had my share of humbling experiences on the water, but the tug keeps me coming back for more. I respect the science and intricacies of fly fishing and being outside is the cherry on top. Streamer fishing is my go-to but I also regularly practice nymphing techniques – Euro nymphing is next on my to-do list.


Outside of fishing, I work as a Data Visualization Developer at Emory University and I’m a Fur Mom to my chocolate lab, Chip.


Vice President

With an undeniable passion for life, Tori Walburn is sure to brighten up anyone's day with her dynamic and animated spirit. By day, Tori rocks her Oxfords at a real estate law firm, but once the weekends hit, you can catch the reflection of Tori’s smile and wading boots in any blue line north of Jones Bridge. For the past two years, her rod and reel have stayed packed in her Mini Cooper ready to rig up anytime she can escape to the river. Her excitement and dedication for flying fishing grows with every tug and landing a wild rainbow is just one of her insta-worthy posts captured to share with her digital fly fishing community. As our Social Media Manager, she stays up-to-date on the latest hashtags while showcasing GWFF members in rivers across the state on social to boost our online presence and share our stories. Have a picture or video you want to share with the world? Send it to and she’ll be sure to share your journey with fellow fly fishing friends!


Secretary & IT Communication

My husband and his best friend introduced me to fly fishing. I was looking for an excuse to be more “outdoorsy” and little did I know, I would stumble into the hobby of my dreams.


I love the serenity of being in the river and the challenge of figuring out the best way to fish a particular body of water. There is always something new to learn!


I love fishing all styles; anything that will catch fish, but I am probably best at nymphing.


When I am not fishing, I am a registered nurse at Northside Hospital, wife to our Ghillie, Jeff Gilbert, and a new mom to my beautiful baby boy, Clayton. I love arts and crafts and organizing my house. I enjoy sharing my passion for fly fishing with others and love being a member of GWFF. 


Co Outreach Coordinator

I started fishing when I was about 6 years old when my Dad took me fishing with long cane poles. The first fish I caught was a 3lb catfish. I’ve been hooked ever since.  

I saw someone fly fishing in a documentary years ago and thought, “that’s so cool!” My son Ian kept encouraging me to try it. Then I learned about the Georgia Women Fly Fishers from Jennifer Gilbert, our current President, and I gave it a try. Now I’m hooked again!

When I’m not fishing, I’m an RN and have been for almost 20 years. The majority of that time I’ve worked in Pediatrics but now I work in Case Management. I love being a Nurse!

I also enjoy spending time with family and good friends, exercising, reading, crocheting and spending time with my son Ian and my soon-to-be daughter in law, Jess!  Hopefully, I’ll be taking my grandchildren fly fishing one day!


Co Outreach Coordinator

Becca K. Powell is no stranger to the outdoors, having spent the summers of her youth in the mountains of North Georgia and hiking the Appalachian Trail; her college years in Boone, NC, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing and rock climbing; and more than a decade working within the Waterkeeper movement.

Becca’s passion is the environment, and it shows not only through her career, but also her volunteer work. She is a proud member of the Georgia Women Fly Fishers, Fly Fishers International, and Trout Unlimited. Becca is also an associate editor for DUN Magazine and was featured as the Summer 2018 cover story. Becca is proud to be a part of the Orvis family, assisting with the #5050onthewater initiative in the Atlanta market. To follow Becca's adventures both on the river and in the environmental movement, check her out on the gram at @beccakpowell.  



As a child growing up in New Orleans everyone fished. Once I moved to Atlanta, I took up sailing on Lake Lanier where I was very active with Barefoot Sailing Club. Sailing was a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed but all good things come to an end.  I wanted a new challenge.  


Had I lived closer to the coast, I think I would have ended up with a fishing boat so I could fill the cooler with my catch. Since that wasn’t an answer, I thought I would try fly fishing. I knew an old sailing friend was a member of GWFF and GWFF offered classes. I enrolled, knowing nothing, and loved it from the moment we entered the Hooch at Paces Mill. That was 2016. Recently, I’ve done some saltwater fly fishing and I am hooked more than any fish caught. 



Hi, I’m Diane Campbell.  Here I am pictured with my very first trout I caught ever! I caught this fish in Helen GA on the upper Chattahoochee River. This was a good 9 months after first trying. I was able to catch this beautiful fish after feeling totally frustrated, and catching everything, like limbs, leaves, sticks, twigs, and vines. I was losing patience, even to the point of hanging up the rod, but, persistence paid off. I met many women at GWFF and asked for help. It’s where I got my start. A fish on changes everything though! Each catch and netted fish gets me more excited for the next outing.  I’m hooked! 

I am also the co-founder of a podcast called The passion I discovered for fly fishing is now helping women of all ages who are interested in this sport. Ladies and listeners now have a place to go to learn from beginners and intermediates, and hear real stories of successful anglers, business owners, who can laugh and help us all experience fly fishing.


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We are a group of anglers passionate about fly fishing, friendship, fun and community.

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