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May 21

Welcome from GWFF Board


Edited: May 21


First, we are so glad that you have decided to join the Georgia Women Fly Fishers.

If you are not real familiar with trout let us begin by saying that trout love cold water. The Fall, Winter and Spring are when they are most active in the South. Of course, we are blessed with the Hooch and it's year-round cold waters which are perfect for summer fishing as well. You'll find that our members love to share what others have taught them so please feel free to ask questions regarding gear and fishing or any other question you may have.

Throughout the year GWFF offers various types of fishing opportunities. The most important thing in learning to fly fish, if it is new to you, is to fish as much as possible. Believe me we all started as beginners. We are all still learners. Some of us have probably fly fished a half dozen times before catching their first trout and could probably write a book on "what not to do" while fly fishing. And don't let us give you the impression that we only "trout fish". You will find that many of our members just love fishing. We fish for bass, bream, carp and saltwater species like Redfish, Sea Trout and Bonefish.

GWFF has the following planned fishing opportunities: - After Meeting Fish Days, aka AMF (usually on the Saturday after our meeting). Club loaner gear is available on request. - Fall Trip and Spring Group Trips which are usually a long weekend at a fishing location either in Georgia or in the S.E.

Learning to Fly Fish (Classes) -Classes are currently on hold: Education is being provided at our monthly After Meeting Fish trips. Each Spring GWFF offers a Beginner Class and each Fall an Intermediate Class. What makes these classes so special is that all the participants are members of GWFF or involved with GWFF in some way. It is also extra special for those who are members because they (or you) can take the class at half the cost normally charged.

Welcome again and please know that you can contact any of our GWFF Board members about these opportunities or anything else you might have a question about. We all look forward to fishing with you this year and getting to know you.

Welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

-Jennifer Gilbert President & IT GWFF 2018-2019 770-296-3529 (prefer text) jennifergilbertrn@gmail.com

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  • GHILLIE It is a Scottish/Gaelic word that means helper on the river. Responsibilities of the Ghillie: 1. Set up after meeting fish monthly. 2. Having gear available at each function. 3. Attend board meetings. 4. Encourage all new members to attend the AMF to practice. 5. Send out info on classes that may be available from fly shops or other clubs. 6. ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE. Our Current Ghillie is: Jeff Gilbert 770-296-3530